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Darkroom Safelites are task lighting fixtures required wherever photographic or
X-ray film processing is performed. Filters must be selected to meet the requirements
of the particular type of film that will be exposed to the light. Multiplecompartment fixtures
allow safe processingof different types of film. Stainless steel construction for exposed
surfaces is available for rooms with a corrosive atmosphere.


  • Housing and trim are 20 gauge steel
  • Standard finish on surface models and trim of recessed models is black enamel
  • Recessed housing has white polyester coating
  • Trim is fully gasketed to insure light-tight compartments
  • Plaster frame with attached junction box is provided for recessed models
  • One 8" x 10" Eastman Kodak filter is provided for each compartment
  • cULus listed


  • Wired for one medium base 120V incandescent lamp in each compartment
  • Each compartment is to be individually switched
  • Lamps over 15W are not recommended in filter compartments
  • 75W maximum in distributing lens compartment in surface models
  • Maximum lamp wattage in recessed models varies with ceiling condition